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Company Profile

Mario Sirtori Spa, was founded in 1955, is a fabrics and velvets company production for furniture and interior design.

The high quality of his products it's a combination between high technology and Italian artisanship.

Company Profile

Mario Sirtori Spa is proud to preserve the values and traditions of his history, with the focus on the new technology innovations.

Our "Fabrics Passion" is transformed daily in high quality products: Fabrics and Velvets fabrics and velvets that cover many of the most famous design pieces of contemporary furniture industry.

Mario Sirtori Spa is also pursuing and maintaining high ethical standards.
Particular attention is paid to ecology, both in terms of reducing the environmental impact, both as research aimed at the use of natural materials, as well as health and safety in the workplace, ensuring a sustainable growth


Design, research and use of certified quality materials are traits of distinction and recognizability of Mario Sirtori's products.

In the style office inside the company

art and creativity are realized through the most modern technologies giving life to fabrics and velvets that the product office industrializes and transforms into collections.

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Mario Sirtori Collection

Mario Sirtori Collection.
Following the trends of the market, fashion and design but always maintaining its creative identity, every year, Mario Sirtori Spa, creates its own new exclusive collection.


Mario Sirtori Tech

Prestigious products, always distinguished by a high technical-qualitative profile, whose theme is the constant search for new materials, innovative production and finishing methods.

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